To ensure the ExpansionPunks DAO Treasury is secured and actively managed in accordance with the spirit/will of the community, we are storing Treasury funds in a Gnosis-Safe multi-signature wallet (MSW). Eight (8) diverse community members have volunteered (and doxed themselves) to serve as innagural MSW members. Any transactions from the DAO Treasury balance requires approval signatures by a majority of MSW members. These members have agreed to sign transactions that follow the will of the community as expressed through on-chain consensus.

Ana Isabel Hewlett

Ana Isabel is Portugal-based fine art portrait photographer with over 15 years experience. The focus of her artwork is to empower women from all walks of life. She is mainly inspired by nature, magic, mythology and of course feminine strength. Ana Isabel also founded the @NFTGoddesses community which is dedicated to creating a supporting, empowering and safe environment for female artists in the NFT space.

Mec Zilla

Mec is an experienced (20+ years) Creative Director from Brooklyn, New York, balancing pursuits in design, Web3, community management, and music production, only to name a few.

When she’s not asking the hard questions and holding public discourse around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, she’s rallying the Web3 community to be more autonomous and sovereign by building in public.

Jeremy Posvar

Jeremy is Co-Founder of the ExpansionPunks and Founder of ittybits. His professional sweet-spot is found in the spaces where his operational expertise intersects with his passion for visualization and story-telling. Jeremy began developing the ExpansionPunks collection after seeing the original CryptoPunks through the eyes of his three young daughters, who were unable to find themselves in that seminal collection.

Santiago David

Santiago is the Co-Marketing Lead for ExpansionPunks and a Campaign Manager at Madison Logic. In his previous role as the Impact Producer for Optimist, a non-profit film production studio, he led the impact campaigns for HBO and PBS films to create social change within the immigration and web3 spaces. As a Mexican-American, he is passionate about uplifting other unrepresented voices.

Florian Uhde

Florian is a Germany-based software developer passionate about the application of user-centric design to solve complex problems. In each of his endeavors (incl. co-founding xPunks), enabling others is a core motivation. Florian believes his contributions lie in empowering others to bring their ideas to life. His main areas of interest lie with game development, and computational creativity.

Vick Wowo

Keith Bresee

Keith has been an entrepreneur and marketer for over 12 years.

He has successfully built a marketing agency that has serviced clients like Remax, Manscaped, Dr Josh Axe, & Wellness Mama (and several other fortune 30 companies I can’t disclose without getting my ass sued from here to the moon lol). In total, Keith’s agency has generated over 2.5+ billion views and hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for his clients.